From May 20th (Arrival) to May 24th (Departure) the ILA Fly-In will take place. As the name indicates, the focus of the Fly-In is the ILA – Berlin Air Show. We will visit the ILA on a visitors’ and on a trade visitors’ day. At the ILA we are organizing a variety of guided tours, special insights, career consulting and much more with our partner companies. But we also want for you to get to know Berlin, so a company visit and a city tour are included as well. Everything (food, transportation in Berlin, tickets to ILA,..) is included in the participants’ fee.

In 2012, the ILA Berlin Air Show counted 230.000 visitors and 1.243 exhibitors, establishing itself as one of the biggest and most prominent aerospace trade fairs in Germany and Europe. An air show of such significance is a highlight for all parties involved, especially for everybody enthralled by aerospace. Here, exhibitors are offered the opportunity to reach a wide audience.
Young and committed talents strive to meet their potential future employers, however this networking often doesn`t go along without the desired success. Why is that so?

Today, most students are taught theoretical knowledge, such as how to solve a technical problem with formulae and physical laws. However, valuable social competencies, so called soft-skills, are usually disregarded. This is often the reason a number of students fail to meet the high standards companies set, despite having an excellent degrees. It does not have to be this way! We at EUROAVIA are convinced that connecting with companies as early as possible plays an integral role in a student’s development and is an ideal preparation for future work environments. One of our major goals is to bring companies and students together at organised international events and to promote the development of soft skills for effective networking. EUROAVIA Berlin organized the greEngineering-Congress in early 2012 and in December of the same year successfully hosted the Advances In Gas Turbines Symposium.
At the upcoming ILA Berlin Air Show in 2014, we aim to promote this kind of networking, which defines EUROAVIA. Students will not only experience the fascinating ILA, but will also be brought together with representatives from established and new companies in the field of aerospace. Generating this kind of cooperation is the goal of EUROVIA and we are convinced that the ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 offers ideal prerequisites for achieving this goal.